II Workshop on Computer Security (WSI)

  • Javier Diaz (UNLP)
  • Antonio Ricardo Castro Lechtaler, MSc (IESE)
  • Javier Echaiz (UNSur)
  • Authentication Protocols
  • Biometric Security
  • Cryptanalysis
  • Data Encryption
  • Security in cloud
  • Digital Rights and identity management
  • Safety on social networks and on the Internet
  • Malware y botnets
  • Network security including wireless and mobile networks
  • Safety Medical Systems
  • Communications Security
  • RFID, Privacy, Trust (Trust)
  • Critical infrastructure systems
  • Security in VoIP, videoconferencing and telepresence.
  • Watermarking.
  • Security in e-Business, e-Commerce, E-Government and e-Health
  • Trends in norms and standards of information security
  • Cybercrime. Security in virtual environments
Scientific Committee
  • Lic. Javier Díaz, UNLP
  • Ing. Antonio Ricardo Castro Lechtaler, MSc, IESE
  • Ing. Javier Echaiz, UNSur
  • Ing. Carlos Benítez, MSc - CITEDEF.
  • Dr. Carlos García Garino, UN Cuyo
  • Dr. Carlos Aquistapace, IESE.
  • Dr. Jorge Ramió Aguirre, UPM, España.
  • Dra. Liane Tarouco, UFRGS Brasill
  • Dr. Javier García Villalba, UCM, España
  • Mg. Lia Molinari, UNLP
  • Lic. Paula Venosa, UNLP
  • Lic. Edith García IESE